Monday, May 26, 2008

Crystal Liu Yifei's handwritten note

Hi there, first up, "Wan Mei" wrote that "Liu Yifei was in attendance [at] a CCTV televised fund-raising event on May 18 as reported. However, Yifei who had donated one million Yuan to aid children affected by the quake kept a low profile and did not appear on stage." Thanks "YKT" for another "Wan Mei" scoop!

"YKT" sent me a pic/scan of a Crystal Liu Yifei handwritten note dated May 15:

"On it says:

Wishing that the victims be courageous, strong, and bide through this hard times together!

I hope everyone can help the areas affected by the earthquake and let the children rebuild their homes!"

"YKT" credits "angeLLina" for the translation. Very moving message indeed!

And finally, "YKT" says "lyf4ever" posted lots of scans of Yifei that was featured in "Fans mag" at

My thanks to "Wan Mei," "angeLLina," "lyf4ever," and "YKT" for sharing!