Thursday, July 31, 2008

A future role for Yifei?


Wan Mei has given me permission to post about a possible future role for Yifei!

The film is called "East Wind, Rain" and herewith excerpts from Wan Mei's findings:

Plot known so far
The film is loosely based on the events in 1941 and the real life Chi Bu Zhou who was one of the first people to cracked JN-25, the code used by the Japanese during World War 2. The plot appeared to be centered on the protagonist (who was cast as a pianist in the film) and his dealings with the murky world of spies from all over the world in the melting-pot city of Shanghai and his relationship with a beautiful singer (lead actress) who is actually a spy of unknown allegiance…

The Producers
Shanghai Media Group which produce the movie when the intention of releasing it internationally. The budget is US $30 million, so far they have secured US $15 million of funds.

TV director-actor Liu Yunlong, the top scorer in the history of Beijing Film Academy (Yifei’s alma mater) will direct and star in the film himself.

Hmm, are they serious about Yifei?
The role is either opened to any pan-Asian actress. However, the producers have now come up with a list of thirty acceptable actresses from China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Singapore for the lead female.

To decide who would be the lead actress they would do three rounds of polling to give Internet users a chance to pick their favorite (50% weight) and offer the role to her first.

The list included Zhang Ziyi, Eva Huang, Li Bingbing, Fann Wong, Jeon Ji Hyun, Song Hye Kyo, Son Ye Jin and Toda Erika among others.

At the time of posting with nearly 11000 votes, Liu Yifei is #1 choice, having gathered nearly 21% of the total votes.

Quick summary:
For those who have difficulty understanding the plot I outlined above, you might want to think of it as a Chinese version of the Hollywood classic, Casablanca (IMDB Top 10 movie: #10)

Filming to start at end of this year in Shanghai and general cinema release on Oct 1 2009 (China National Day).

Thanks again to Wan Mei for sharing the above findings!

I'll just add that Shu Qi is also in the "list of thirty acceptable actresses."

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