Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Liu Yifei and Z'Dorzi 2008 Female Fashion

Wan Mei shares the following fashion related news plus pics!!!

In November 2007, Yifei became spokeswoman for z'dorzi, a female fashion label based in Hong Kong. Her contract is for the 2008 Spring and Summer line of fashion.

The photos above are from the 2007 Press Conference of her appointment as spokeswoman for the label

To see how Yifei's image is being used to advertise this label look at photos of this z'dorzi shop in China on July 18, 2008 :P

The images from above are taken from the official z'dorzi site which also feature other images and music of Yifei, including an electronic (Flash-based) catalogue of its products.

However, the site load rather slowly and is in Chinese language only (for the moment).

Source Link: www.zhdorzi.com

Thanks alot to Wan Mei for the scoop and pics above!!!

Since, we are on the subject of fashion and fashion related, the following is something I found that may be a good birthday gift for Crystal Liu Yifei? Crystal turns 21 on August 25, 2008...so hint hint...

Credit: Mercedes-Benz.

Disclaimer: This blog is not affliated with Mercedes-Benz.

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