Sunday, October 19, 2008

1 YouTube vid + English translation of Crystal Liu Yi Fei & Jimmy Lin's banter (Oct 17, 2008)

Seraphis was kind enough to type out the English translation of the banter in the above video!!!

While watching the video, I notice why the recordings are so filled with noises from the audience. When Yifei appeared, you could hear a loud roar from the people around the recorder, followed by repeated sayings of " Wah! Yifei is so beautiful''. Haha. :D I'm glad her singing turned out quite well, assuming it is not pre-recorded.

Some minor translation of the conversation between Yifei and Jimmy in the video provided by dstontan above:

Jimmy : Special thanks to Yifei for specially flying back from the United States ( to perform in my concert) and I
heard that she is flying back to the United States after the ending of the concert.

Yifei : Right. I'm very happy to be able to see the enthusiastic crowd and cute fans of Xiao Zhi (Yifei calls Jimmy
Xiao Zhi). I feel that Xiao Zhi is a really cute person and while I was filming a MV with him, I did not even
know that he was so famous. After that, only did I found out that he is such a capable idol.

*Jimmy gives a slight bow.

Yifei : I'm very happy today that the fans are so passionate and the show is really nice to watch. I hope that
Xiao Zhi's concert will be successful and if there are any other arrangements in the future, I will still support

Jimmy : If I have a performance next time, lets invite Yifei again! Is it ok?

The crowd roars in agreement.

Jimmy : Thank you, Xixi. Thank you, Liu Yifei.

Yifei : Thank you.

(Yifei gracefully walks off the stage.)

Hope this helps for those who does not understand Mandarin while watching the video. :D

Yes indeed, very helpful!!! Thanks again Seraphis!!!

Just in case, Xixi = Liu Yifei.


  1. does crystal go back to the USA? doesn't she live in china?

  2. Apparently so. Yes, she lives in China but goes to the USA often.

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  4. YKT, do you know the private email of her? I really want to be her friend. does she go to school in the uSA?



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