Sunday, October 19, 2008

2 videos available to download!! Jimmy Lin & Crystal Liu Yifei singing Wild Chrysanthemum on Oct 17, 2008

  • Video 1: Wan Mei posted at Crystallized:

    "Courtesy of choongkop's upload to mediafire, we have a fan's recording of Jimmy and Yifei singing :D
    Yifei's entrance is at 1:48

    Here's the link:
    (Original Source of Upload:

    There's lots of audience voices at background in this clip though :P"

  • Video 2: dtsontan posted at Crystallized:

    More details on that clip [Video 1]:
    The song (Wild Chrysanthemum) finishes at 5:35 on that clip, with about another minute of banter between Jimmy & Crystal!

    Another clip uploaded by choongkop to mediafire is another recording of the chat between Jimmy & Crystal (til the 1:08 mark of the clip).
    The rest of the clip is of Jimmy singing & dancing :P

    The sound is a tiny bit clearer as the viewer is a bit further out than the one in the first clip.

    Anyway here's the link for the second clip (which was apparently originally from"

Wow, thanks Wan Mei and detective dtsontan!! You guys rock!!

Special thanks to detective dtsontan for finding a link where these were posted:

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