Saturday, October 25, 2008

UPDATE: download links + YouTube clip: Crystal Liu Yifei's 48 hours in Shanghai

You should see the YouTube video above, just click on the video to start.

If you prefer to download to your computer, click here.

All links found by ptpnguyen of Crystallized.

UPDATE: dtsontan has this to add:

"Also one thing I'd like to add is that the mediafire link posted by ptpnguyen is for a FLV file. If you want to download the video, but don't have the software to read this type of file, choongkop was kind enough to post on a link where she had uploaded a WMV version:"

WMV = Windows Media Video

Here's Seraphis' response to the video:

"Thanks for sharing, ptpnguyen. It is a very interesting video that you shared which contains alot of informative detail of Yifei's two-day schedule in ShangHai previously. From the video, it is revealed that Yifei's schedule is beyond hectic, if I had to work at her pace, I think I would be six-feet underground by now. Lol. Good to see Yifei working hard but feeling sympathetic for her, as she has barely enough rest."

To which I wish to add, Liu Yifei had so little sleep during that 48 hours as she had such a grueling and hectic schedule, yet she was always all smiles, considerate and obliging to others and was always looking out for her fans!!!

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