Monday, December 29, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Crystal Liu Yifei at promotion event at Zhengzhou, Henan on Dec 28, 2008!

First, please remember to click on the below image to enlarge as it is pretty big:

Here's the scoop by Wan Mei and dtsontan. In fact, dtsontan actually sent me an email on this earlier but was awaiting confirmation by Wan Mei. Herewith, Wan Mei's comments:

"Both dtsontan and I found informal Chinese reports on this independently.

(Yifei fans has been informed of this event since Dec 26).

Celebrities invited to promote this event include Yifei, Vicky Zhao Wei and (unconfirmed at writing): actress and CCTV hostess Michelle Dong Xuan and veteran actor Huang Hong.

Unfortunately due to poor arrangements by the organizers of the event, few fans managed to see the stars at all.

A nice Vicky Zhao fan "Ellen" did not have the opportunity to take any photo of her idol both did manage to snap a photo of Yifei and generously shares it with us:

[image was here but is now on top due to this blog's photo size limitation]

Translation of Ellen (Zhao Wei fan)'s report:

Very disappointing! Most ZW and LYF fans are unable to see their idols at all ...
Fortunately, I was able to see your Yifei and my Wei Wei.
Yifei is the second celebrity to come in. She is really beautiful. Dressed in black. Tall and thin looking. She has let her hair down and smiled beauteously at me and another ZW fan as she entered.
Finally, I saw Yifei's mother too - she is also very pretty. But I was too slow and only managed to took a photo of her back.
Yifei's photo is very dark - apparently I have turn off the camera flash somehow. So I used photoshop to enhance the brightness of the photo a little.
You are lucky because I wasn't able to took any photo of my own Wei Wei ... we were too busy screaming when she arrived...
Ho ho!


Notes by Wan Mei:
The most interesting fact of Zhengzhou related to the entertainment industry is that it is the gateway to Shaolin Monastery the most famous martial arts institution in the world"

Thanks Wan Mei & dtsontan for the scoop!!

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