Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Hi, further to www.yifei-liu.com/2008/11/real-fan-of-liu-yi-fei, JupiterCKL from Crystallized wrote:

Heys! JupiterCKL from Crystallized here haha was just wondering the article that The real fan of Yifei was talking about, is this the article? haha I thought she said that she didnt have time for r/s then now got people say she found someone T.T hahaha Ok la i admit i sad, but then, still feel happy for her if its true lol

Here's detective dtsontan of Crystallized findings:

"Based on a Babelfish translation on the online newspaper article itself, it's just rumours based on Crystal and Yi Jianlian working together and the fact she commended the Chinese sportsmen (including the basketball team)."

So, JupiterCKL, relax "it's just rumours"!!


  1. The real fan of Liu Yi FeiDecember 2, 2008 at 10:44 PM

    Hi YKT! Right now I'm making a special video for Liu Yi Fei and for all the fans of her! I'll send it to you once I've finished working on it and hope that you could post it here on your site. Thanks YKT! :)

  2. Thanks, I have given you my email address. Leave a new comment once you've sent it, thanks!

  3. Weeeee hahaha next time she's gonna commend me and SAY SHE LIKES ME XD! Thank heavens and Miyavi that it was just a rumour XD


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