Saturday, December 13, 2008

Vote for Crystal Liu Yifei: SinaMusic ''index of public opinion - my favorite female''

Please vote for Crystal Liu Yi Fei!

Here's the original link to vote (just in case, if you can't read the Chinese characters on the SinaMusic webpage, please scroll down for the helpful hints by dtsontan):

Detective dtsontan wrote:

For those who can't read Mandarin, but can still see the characters, this is how you vote:

Firstly select the circle next to Crystal's name (i.e. the one to the left of "刘亦菲").

Then select the left of the two buttons at the bottom of the names listed (i.e. the one labelled "提交").

A popup window will then come up and you need to type the numbers from the graphic into the text box and then click on the grey button (labelled "提交").

Thanks dtsontan!

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