Monday, March 2, 2009

Crystal Liu Yifei Taihu Tea Promo


Thanks again to dtsontan for the follow up to his scoop with the following:

"A new bigger picture released by sina this morning"

Crystal Liu Yifei

Meanwhile, Clarette wrote at Crystallized:

I read an articles in efairy and it said that there would be another promotion on March 15 in Suzhou, China. Liu Yi Fei was invited to this festival. Bi Luo Chun tea will be the main part of this festival. It is one of China's top ten tea. Guest would have a chance to taste this type of tea and participate in other series of activities as well.

Thanks for the heads up Clarette!

Clarette also found this scan from a mag:

And finally, Clarette wrote this definitive summary:

Yi Fei won the "Most searched for female artist" award. And also, the song named "Promise" (remember YiFei recorded this song with other artists for the Sichuan earthquake?) was the "Most popular charity song"

Thanks so very much to Clarette!!

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  1. YiFei is a the best beautiful and talant girl that I know. I hope all of lucky will come to her.


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